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“Those Mommas” (Misconception)

2 under 2 is exactly what it states 2 children under 2yo. Which means a momma who has 2 kids that can be as little as 11 months apart to 23 months apart.

I had compassion for “those mommas”, believing that despite the joys of children, it is anything but a walk in the park to have two so close in age. I knew motherhood wasn’t easy, but I just couldn’t imagine raising two healthy and grounded children so close in age and keep my sanity. So, I had it all planned out and vowed that it would not happen to me. And then…

In the fall of 2012 I saw an acquaintance at a friend’s baby shower who was 6 months pregnant with her 2nd child. My compassion for “those mommas” went out to her because in less than 4 months she would be a momma with 2 under 2. I remember telling her how strong she is and just expressing that I could not imagine being able to handle 2 under 2 because my hands are full enough raising my 1 under 1. Which is why I ended that conversation along the lines of a second child was nowhere near my mind nor my husband’s. We were more than content with our prayed for bouncing baby boy. And then….

God has an interesting sense of humor because my second half of my 2 under 2, my miracle blessing, was conceived that very month. I MAY HAVE EVEN ALREADY BEEN PREGNANT or atleast the bun began roasting, while giving my lovely acquaintance kudos for being a supermom, not realizing I would have to soon speak life into myself for this unique journey!