No Pedi – No Problem

As a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) finding time for self-care can often be a challenge. For example finding the time and for some of us the cash to get a professional manicure/pedicure, get a massage/go to a spa, a trip to the beauty salon, shopping FOR YOURSELF (not the kids or your husband) or simply getting some alone me time to read a book/magazine even if it will only be for as little as 30 minutes. Although I would love to get all of those special treats on a regular basis, it just isn’t realistic. Personally getting a manicure/pedicure on a regular basis (every 2 weeks) is my top choice on , completely honest it only happens maybe 4 times a year. Recently, i decided I needed a pedicure, rough heels are not the way to go, no matter how busy you are, IT’S UNATTRACTIVE, a huge sign that you are neglecting yourself and a shame when your husband’s feet are smoother than yours.

So, off to the beauty supply store I went and purchased the products attached below. I purchased both products at Sally Beauty Supply Store for less than $7.00, much cheaper than a pedicure. I locked myself in the bathroom for 10 mins.and went to work😊. I love the fact that the pumice file has an antibacterial solution and the butter goes a long way. There is no need to use a lot of the butter to get the best results because it is very thick. After my homemade pedi, my feet felt smooth and soft like a baby’s bottom. I would definitely recommend these products, but most of all recommend that every momma must squeeze in some me time. If you can afford the time and finances for your special treats, have your husband or someone you trust watch your children and walk away for a few hours, no looking back! For those of you who can’t afford the time to get away for a few hours nor have the money to get your treatments, don’t fret check the internet, youtube and other sources for quick and affordable DIY (do it yourself) ideas/methods and products that won’t break your budget. My homemade pedicure took 10 minutes and cost less than $7.00. in addition those products will take me through at least 10 home made pedicures.

Ultimately my message is simply, squeeze that me time in, if not daily various treats, than weekly. It will brighten your mood and boost your confidence, because after all when you look good, you feel good. Your happiness will rub off on your parenting and your kids will in turn be happy too and for those of us that are married remember Happy Wife, Happy Life! TAKE CARE OF YOU, YOU’RE WORTH IT!




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