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“Christianity-My LIFESTYLE, Not my religion”

I have no shame in my belief in God, in my identity as a Christian and in the standards I live by. However, I also believe in the saying “don’t be so heavenly minded that you’re no earthly good”. I was born and raised as a Christian and although Christianity has always been a huge component in my life, I have always surrounded myself with a few not so like-minded people ON PURPOSE. I have always been intrigued by people who are different from me. I believe the reasoning behind me doing this is because often times Christians are looked at as people who think they are holier than thou, stuck up and turn up their noses at people who are not Christians. In addition, as a human being, naturally I was curious about what was on “the other side”, and although I didn’t really dip in “the other side” when I was young, I would talk and socialize with those who would. I didn’t want to be that stuck up person and I sincerely believed that I was a humble, open-minded individual.

And then..

As an adult I went through several hardships and challenges that made me question my faith and made me realize I wasn’t humble after all. I got quite a rude awakening. I realized that I did not have it together and the only way I could get it together was to get even more grounded in my faith. It isn’t logical, I know, but it was the key to my newfound understanding that a Christian isn’t someone who has it together, but instead it is someone who needs to get it together, who needs help, but most importantly needs Christ to get it together, to give them help. When I’m all out of answers, when I can’t see my way, when everything in my life seems to be heading in a downward spiral, my faith in Christ is what holds me down.

I’ve been too blessed to not believe that there is a God. Being a Christian is illogical, which is why I am okay with being misunderstood as a Christian. Some days I don’t know how I make it through because I get tired, overwhelmed, frustrated, uncertain, and feel helpless because I am trying to help everyone else and wonder, “who is helping me though”? As a mom, a wife, but most of all as a woman, I tend to put others ahead of me. But my savior, my lord, Jesus Christ reminds me that He is my help and I’m first in His book which is reassurance enough:). And when I’m going through the tough times I just take a look at my life and realize that my good outweighs my bad!