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” Like Momma Not like Daughter”

As I said in a previous post, my husband and I “planned” to wait for atleast 2 years after we got married to have children. I was in no exceptional hurry to have children. I  had a desire to get married and have children one day, but it was not at the top of my priority list because I had career goals and other life goals that were important to me before I settled down. So i knew when I was ready to have children I would be all in, beyond excited, ready and waiting with great expectancy to embrace and love my children to be.

My mother always talked about not having morning sickness in any of her pregnancies. She was fortunate to not be a “victim”(lol, but seriously that’s how bad it can get for some of us) of it. She would get nauseous, but her cure was, first thing in the morning, she would take her finger, put it in the back of her throat and bring up the (yellow) bile, that most of us get with morning sickness, and once that would come up she would be fine and there would be no vomiting. Momma dearest, thankfully, did not suffer with any complications such as Preeclampsia or Gestational Diabetes. Preeclampsia is when a pregnant woman develops high blood pressure in pregnancy and it can also continue in postpartum and a pregnant woman is diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes when she has high blood sugar levels. Both of these conditions if not treated with proper medical care can be harmful to both momma and baby. Overall, my mother was a happy glowing pregnant woman. I, on the other hand was the polar opposite. I may have been glowing on the outside, which my co-workers, family and friends would say, but on the inside I was a hot mess! You can only smile but so much through the most harsh symptom I had, around the clock (morning) sickness!

I often heard that you carry/go through pregnancy the way your mom did. THAT WAS A LIE FROM THE PIT OF HELL! Atleast it was for me. I still consider myself blessed because I also did not have any complications such as Preeclampsia or Gestational Diabetes, but the symptoms I did have made me quite miserable.  I won’t sit here and say that is the circumstance or will be the circumstance for anyone else, but if you have yet to experience pregnancy be open to the fact that every pregnancy has its differences, so your mother, sister or cousin’s situation may not be your own. There may be similarities, but there will certainly be differences. You may even read a few books, read some articles on what the “symptoms/signs of pregnancy” are, but your pregnancy may not fit that profile either. Prime example, the cable network TLC had a show that they aired titled ” I didn’t Know I was Pregnant”. All of these women went through the whole 9-10 mths. of pregnancy thinking that their “symptoms” were attributed to everything but pregnancy. Some smoked cigarettes, drank alcoholic beverages, exercised vigorously, lost weight or barely gained weight and ended up birthing full-term healthy babies..NOTHING SHORT OF A MIRACLE! The most interesting detail to their stories is that they all found out they were pregnant after intense pressure of labor and delivery and most of them were at the very final stage of labor where no medical intervention (e.g. an epidural) could be given. CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT! Well don’t:), instead be open to the impossible and as I often say, “Never say never cause you never know”.