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The Skin I’m in!

I often get compliments on my skin “sans” make-up, including a make-up artist who told me she could tell I had great skin underneath the make-up I was wearing before she worked on my face. I am blessed not to suffer with acne, blackheads, etc. I am truly humbled by the compliments which is why I’d like to share what works for me.
I attribute my flawless skin to genes from my parents(thanks Mom and Dad;), people often mistake them for being younger than they are) and my skincare regimen for my face.

The picture I’ve attached have the two products that are my go to for washing and moisturizing my face, which I do twice a day. I also stopped using brand name make-up remover cloths and use baby wipes that contain natural ingredients in them to remove my make-up. It’s also cost effective since I have to purchase wipes for my kiddies anyway.

I don’t wear make-up every day, especially since I am a SAHM, I have an opportunity to let my face breathe. But I’m still a woman first so my lipgloss, lip liner and eyebrow liner are a must when I am out if I choose not to wear foundation/powder.

This cleanser and moisturizer are gentle on my skin and makes my face feel amazing and refreshed and the BONUS—-THE INGREDIENTS!! THEY are natural based so they don’t have a whole lotta junk in them :D;)! Although the cleanser does contain fragrance, it is the last ingredient listed which means that there is a small amount of fragrance in the product. Here’s a tip when looking at the ingredients, they are listed from the item that is largest in quantity put in the product to the least amount in quantity put in the product. This also goes for food products as well, so keep that in mind. You can find both of these products at a Target,  Wal-mart,  K-mart or your local pharmacy.