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Easier said than done–BUT DON’T QUIT


Three weeks into the new year and here I am struggling to stay positive and speak life. I am trying to think in a new way so I can speak and act in a new way, since I can only control my words and actions. Once I conquer negative thinking and speaking, no matter what comes my way, HOW I RESPOND is key to Peace & Happiness or Anxiety & Bitterness.

But just for today I have to be honest about where I was/how I was today. My food choices can be out of whack when my mood is whack and my mood wasn’t right today…

I have been doing so well this week, eating more veggies, fruits, juicing, good protein and cutting my salt intake. BUT TODAY, I didn’t want to speak, but I wanted to eat, smh..So here’s a pic of me sadly posing with regular egg beaters instead of my egg whites, smh.. I gave in, to temptation and honestly I am not feeling guilty about it, although I feel like I should, I really don’t. I topped it off with some shredded cheese, smh..However, I realize that imperfect me will have days like this, but I can’t afford to get comfortable and let those days, become weeks, months, etc. I am allowing myself this moment, but I am also telling myself, “Self, you can’t stay in your feelings, get in a rut and waste all the hard work that you have done this week for some words or actions directed your way that hurt you/pissed you off. BREATHE, INHALE, EXHALE, SPEAK UP and MAKE PEACE with whatever it is and LET IT GO”. SNAP OUT OF IT!!

When my nerves were going wild, I put my kids in their high chairs/booster seats, put on their ABC Phonics program, put their snacks on their trays and went to my oasis. My getaway. My Niagara Falls. The bathroom, lol! I took a look in the mirror and did some positive self talk. I reminded myself that It’s a new year, but even better, TOMORROW IS A NEW DAY!

If you have found yourself slowly but surely trying to head into a rut, pray, push, pull, do whatever you have to do to get out of it and if you don’t feel strong enough to do it alone, Surrender it. Surrender to God and ask someone you trust for help! Have a great weekend folks! #newyearnewme #newyearnewyou #therewillbesomestumblingalongtheway #butgetupandpresson