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Twinkies in the Desert

This RIGHT HERE! MUST READ! An honest reminder from a genuine guy and father to women and girls to know your worth and to men and boys respect yourself and do the right thing! If we would remember that we teach our children what they should and shouldn’t tolerate, but most of all we teach people how to treat us..SO WHAT ARE YOU TEACHING?!?!?!!!!!!

Dear Adeline and River,

I had a conversation last night that broke my heart and made me angry.

Around 9:45 last night I picked up a couple – I’m a Lyft driver on occasion. Let’s call them Sam and Amy. They were talkative, outgoing, and perhaps a touch overbearing. As we drove, a few things crystallized. Amy was not approving of what was about to take place. We were driving Sam to meet up with his friend. Amy made it very clear that she thought this friend was a complete jerk. She made it too clear. Not to be outdone, Tom chimed in and agreed wholeheartedly.

He was trying too hard.

I began to understand the energy between these two. She was desperately trying to express to her boyfriend how much she didn’t want him to hang out with this friend. But, naturally, she didn’t want to be a nag. She didn’t…

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